AC/DC Drives Specialist

Sirius Technical Services is searching for an AC/DC Drives specialist to perform the following duties: 1. Identify best practices within the operating units and company facilities. Design programs and processes that will transfer these best practices to all operating units. 2. Review and provide direction in optimizing spare parts program to include database standardization, type/number of parts maintained in storage, interchangeability of parts in storage, and preventative maintenance of parts in storage (may include warehouse visits/support). 3. Provide continuous improvements of operation and function of drive system. 4. Perform Root Cause Failure analysis for Drive related incidents and breakdowns. 5. Perform Failure Mode Effect Analysis for Drive systems. 6. Develop site wide overview of drives, programs and software. 7. Develop BMP’s for improving site effectiveness. 8. Analyze problems and initiate effective measures for their solution. Coordinate activities with related groups to most efficiently achieve objectives to ensure customer satisfaction. 9. Provide predictive maintenance program management (direction, documentation and oversight). 10. Provide technical support for common problems. Consult with other expertise to address and resolve the more complex inquiries and problems. 11. Provide clear and concise documentation for work order completion and work history documentation. 12. Provide incident and near miss investigation and reporting. 13. Provide project support for site maintenance technical issues and inspections. Minimum Job Relevant Knowledge: 1. 7-10 years of experience working within a formal proactive maintenance program. 2. 7-10 years of experience on electro-mechanical drive systems. 3. 7-10 years of experience on process control equipment and PLC’s Minimum Job Relevant Experience 4. 15 + yr. experience with direct responsibility for preventative/predictive maintenance systems with a strong emphasis on Drives and Control Systems. Degree/Certification Required: 1. Bachelor degree in an Engineering, or combination of post-secondary education and related experience. Required Skills: 1. Must be fluent with Microsoft Office tools. 2. Must have experience with root cause failure analysis and general problem solving. 3. Must be familiar with lock-out try- out procedures and policies. 4. In-depth knowledge of AC/DC drive and motor operation. 5. Ability to interpret engineering documents such as circuit diagrams, wiring diagrams, assembly drawings, technical manuals and technical specifications. 6. Must know how to properly use mechanical and electrical hand tools as well as test equipment. 7. Knowledge of preventive and predictive maintenance practices for Drive Systems. 8. Must have fundamental knowledge of production machinery systems and components. 9. Must have a fundamental knowledge of electrical/electronic systems. 10. Knowledge of process controls and equipment Desired Skills and Abilities: 1. Six Sigma experience/certification or equivalent. 2. Root cause failure analysis. 3. SAP. 4. Professional Engineer License (PE) 5. Familiarity with CMMS programs 6. High level of interpersonal skills to work effectively with others.