Sirius Technical Services, Inc.
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Job Number 00004B7F
Job Title Maintenance Technician
Location Fort Deposit, AL
Description Sirius Technical Services seeking a Maintenance Technician for a fulltime, direct position located south of Montgomery, AL in Lowndes County. This position reports to the Engineering Manager and is responsible for the maintenance activity for the Company. PRINCIPAL FUNCTIONS Troubleshooting Electrical, Pneumatic, Mechanical, Hydraulic, PLC, Welding, and Tooling adjustment issues on plant equipment and production equipment. o Electrical: wiring controls, installing replacements, troubleshooting problems, running conduit, making new electrical runs, proximity sensors, electrical controls, sensors, drives, motors, and etc.. o Pneumatic: valve troubleshooting, cylinder replacement, fixing air leaks, adding protective covering, installing replacements, troubleshooting problems, making new air runs, compressor maintenance, dryer maintenance, and etc... o Mechanical: fixing mechanical issues, brakes, gearboxes, ball screws, bearing replacement, lubricating, belt replacement, bolt replacement, tapping threads, and all other mechanical items. o Hydraulic: valve troubleshooting, cylinder replacement, fixing oil leaks, adding to oil levels, installing replacements, troubleshooting problems, pumps and motors, and etc... o PLC: troubleshooting, installing replacements. o Welding: keeping parameters to the companies standards, torch adjustments, welding equipment troubleshooting and replacement, torch upkeep, weld quality, reduce rework of parts to a minimum, and etc. o Tooling: keeping tooling in center, make sure parts fits the gages, tooling upkeep, installing replacements, rotation alignments, etc. B. Essential Job Functions: Monitoring and adjusting weld conditions and parameters for welding operations. Monitoring and adjusting tooling conditions and alignments for equipment. Controlling of any safety devices and keeping the devices operational. Working on Preventive Maintenance work orders and Standard work orders as assigned. Working on assigned projects within the Engineering and Maintenance Departments. Fulfill any continuous improvement projects, 5-Star projects, 3C5S projects, and Environmental projects. Repair of plant (facility) equipment: forklifts, dock doors, office items, lighting, HVAC systems, exhaust systems, etc. Perform any activity a member of Management requests you to perform.

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Last Update: December 8, 2016