Sirius Technical Services, Inc.
Temporary Job Position

Job Number 00004B6R
Job Title Engineering Technician
Location Birmingham, AL
Description Sirius Technical Services is seeking an Engineering Technician. Desired Qualifications: Responsibilities will include: Inventory and prepare equipment for transport.Provide setup, pullout, and troubleshooting of performance test instrumentation and equipment. In most cases, the engineer is not present, so this requires initiative and the ability to effectively plan, organize and execute the work. Coordinate the installation of test equipment with power plant personnel. Operate data acquisition software and debug test systems. Responsibilities may include: Calibrate, operate, and maintain a full extracting gas sampling system, gas analyzers (CO2, CO, N2, SO2, O2, etc.), and other test and data acquisition equipment. Obtain coal and high volume or isokinetic ash samples. Perform manual velocity traverses (air and gas), and furnace exit gas traverses (HVT).

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Last Update: December 8, 2016